Paycheck Program Update April 10, 2020

Dear Business Owner Clients

The following is the latest update.

Most of it came from a client who has an ongoing, long term relationship with a bank. Their application will move quickly through the process.

My client has been advised to send everything in a single email. The bank loan officers are working from home and have been inundated with applications.

Your payroll company may have a PPP payroll data report available for your use. Paychex calls theirs Paychex PPP Data Report. A local high service competitor Balance Point Payroll has a report that you can access here.

Because of our 401k business we have a lot of experience with different Payroll and Human Resource Service providers.

We submitted our application last Friday. No response from the bank.

For your use here is the link to the SBA PPP application.

Please send us any information that might be useful to fellow applicants.