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Vaughan & Co. Securities, Inc.

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Family Owned Since 1986 (Predecessor Company Founded in 1964)

You getting the most out of your money? Are you confident of your family’s financial future? Consider working with Vaughan & Co. Securities, Inc. As a registered investment advisor in Ridgewood, NJ, our company offers personal investment advice to our clients to help them achieve their goals.

We have served the area for more than 30 years and have made it our mission to help our clients achieve multi-generational prosperity through our investment advice. We can assist with everything from personal financial management and retirement income planning to estate tax planning and pension support. Contact our firm to learn more about the investment services we have to offer and to discuss your current financial status.


Helping Professionals Grow Their Success

At our firm, we primarily focus on providing assistance to individuals and their families, as well as to small business owners, medical specialists, and legal professionals. We want to help these clients achieve financial success while also ensuring that their family’s future is prosperous. So whether you need help growing your equity investments or you want to set up a tax plan for your retirement fund, trust that our team is always on your side. Reach out to our financial advisor to begin working on your financial future right away.


What is Estate Planning?

Secure your legacy with our estate advisors. Estate planning is a proactive approach to managing and preserving individuals, families, or business owners’ assets to benefit current or future generations. This process involves going through different estate topics, including asset distributions, tax optimization, and legal structuring. Every client’s situation is unique, which is why we offer custom estate plans that align with your values and goals.

For Businesses

For business owners, estate planning is critical to ensure smooth ownership transition, operations continuation, and minimization of tax liabilities. With our experience, we address the specific needs of business owners, providing strategic planning that secures their finances and legacy. Regardless of the service needed, our team ensures a seamless transition while minimizing the impact on business operations and maintaining its value.

For Families and Individuals

Secure your or your loved one’s future with our advisors’ guidance. Proper estate planning can significantly reduce or eliminate the burden of taxes on families, ensuring that our clients’ assets support the beneficiaries. We prioritize creating a comprehensive plan that supervises the distribution, addresses potential disputes, and covers financial responsibilities, thereby protecting the family’s legacy. Safeguard your assets today by reaching out to our experts, who can craft a personalized plan for you.