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Let our financial advisors help you understand and plan for your social security benefits in Ridgewood, NJ. Popular opinion suggests jumping at the opportunity to collect Social Security retirement benefits as soon as possible, which currently is age 62. About 73% of Social Security beneficiaries collect at 62. While this strategy may have been prudent for millions of Americans in the past, longer life expectancies have changed the face of retirement planning. Waiting to collect may well be a more advantageous option. Vaughan & Co. Securities, Inc. can help you determine the best time to start collecting Social Security retirement benefits. Located in Ridgewood, NJ, we assist retirees or soon-to-be retires with their decisions.

Reviewing the Social Security Concepts with You

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, this much is universally clear: Deciding when to begin taking social security benefits is an important and multifaceted consideration that should be factored into each individual’s broader retirement plan. In order for us to help you decide how and when to take your Social Security, our financial advisors must review some basic concepts with you. Your Social Security strategy must be integrated with your investment plan and your overall retirement plan.


  • Life expectancy is increasing, particularly for our clientele.
  • Warning: Social Security has its own language.

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