Vaughan Dividend Growth Investment Program

The Vaughan Dividend Growth Investment Program invests in common stocks that have paid larger-than-market dividends and have demonstrated a policy of maintaining or increasing dividends to investors.

The program invests in common stocks where the earnings of the company are high when compared with the price of the company’s stock. Vaughan & Co. Securities, Inc. seeks companies that are growing their earnings and will be able to increase dividend payments.

When the stocks of individual holdings become fairly priced under our analysis, then we start to consider selling. Learn more about our dividend growth investment program in Ridgewood, NJ, by scheduling a consultation with us.

Our portfolio investments are made in mid-to-large cap global companies. Rules Engine -- all portfolio investments are chosen by applying our proprietary formulas to the universe of equity positions.

To see the full brochure, click on Vaughan Dividend Growth Brochure.

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