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Vaughan & Co. 401(k) Review

Features & Services Provided by Vaughan & Co.


Here at Vaughan & Co. helping owners manage their 401(k) plans is one of the key focuses of our local family run firm.

We can help you manage all three (3) aspects of your plan:

  • Funds, Fees, Fiduciary:
    • Are the fees charged to your plan reasonable and can you provide documentation to demonstrate you have done your due diligence.  Many companies have not done reviewed fees and cannot document the review. Department of Labor Regulations require this step.
  • Do you understand your Fiduciary responsibility and how you can reduce risk by using certain services that are designed to protect employers.
  • The plans investments should have a competitive investment line-up with enough choices for different employees to be properly invested.


  • Plan Design and Operations:
    • Your plan design (eligibility period, match, automatic enrollment, Roth feature, etc.) should be periodically reviewed. You might be able to improve the plan in terms of both being competitive and most importantly being aligned with ownership’s objective for the plan.
  • Plan Recordkeeping is a ever changing competitive business. We can help you determine if there are better recordkeeper’s available to you.  Many companies I have worked with have grown out of their current provider and don’t even know it.  I can help you graduate to a better provider if that is the case.


  • Participant Support and Guidance:
    • Each employee and group of employees should have access to the education, tools and resources to ensure they are on the right path to meet their retirement goals.
    • We place a call to each plan participant annually to make investment recommendations and answer general financial questions.
  • We assist you to evaluate recordkeepers in the marketplace to make sure the various tools and resources they offer will meet each of your employees unique needs.

Would you like a plan review?


You will receive three benefits:

  1. You will determine that your plan’s fees are competitive and provide you with the documentation to demonstrate you are aware of and compliant with the DOL’s fee disclosure regulations.
  2. Provide you with specific recommendations to improve your plan.
  3. Identify better service providers if you have outgrown your current provider.

The best part of this offer is that this service is complimentary. We only need to collect a couple of pieces of information from you.  Each of the below documents should be available on the site you have access to as a Plan Sponsor / Administrator:

  • A plan level statement showing the investments being used and their respective balances (no personal information).
  • A recent Plan Level Fee Disclosure Document (408b2) notice.

Please fill out the survey below to receive more information on the 401k services we provide. (It takes less than 3 minutes to fill out.) We thank you in advance.401k Info Survey