Personalized Financial Advisor in Franklin Lakes, NJ for Families

When you’re raising a family, you want to make the best financial decisions possible. Whether you are investing for retirement, planning to buy a home, or choosing a life insurance policy, the decisions you make now have a big impact on the future.

Depend on Vaughan & Co. Securities, Inc. to be your guide. Our financial advisor in Franklin Lakes, NJ,provides personalized financial planning for families. Located in Ridgewood, NJ, our firm is here for every phase of your family’s life. Some of the services we provide for your marriage and family include:

  • Economic considerations associated with a decision based on whether both spouses will have jobs
  • Integration of investment portfolios beyond employer plans (if any)
  • Optimizing taxes on investments and other income sources to maximize after-tax income (including handling of capital gains and losses)
  • Determining appropriate life insurance coverage
  • Review to develop appropriate estate plan
  • Initiating savings for college if children are in the future

Contact us if you have questions about pre-retirement investment advising services. We proudly serve clients in Ridgewood, Bergen County, and throughout the greater Northern NJ area.