Financial Planning for Attorneys in Ridgewood, NJ

Are you looking forward to retirement? After working many long, hard years as an attorney, you deserve a season in life where you can do what you want to do: learn a hobby, volunteer for a charity, pursue a lifelong dream, or simply enjoy the fruits of your labor. Vaughan & Co. Securities, Inc. specializes in providing personal financial planning for attorneys in Ridgewood, NJ. Our clients include attorneys, small business owners, and doctors. Since 1970, we have served more than 200 entrepreneurs and business owners. Our experience shows that our clients invest their available assets as follows:

  • In Their Business
  • In Their Retirement Plan
  • In Their Personal Residence, Vacation Home, & Office Building
  • In Educating Their Children

The Need for Professional Money Management

Most of the attorneys we serve do not have time for financial investment management or in-depth retirement planning. So, hiring a full-time money management specialist is the wisest path to asset growth. However, it’s important to hire one who is compensated by charging a fee and not influenced by commission transactions.

The primary function of our financial advisors is to educate our entrepreneurs in the value of allowing a fee-based investment manager to invest retirement assets and personal funds in equity and bond markets. When the time arrives, we’ll replace the “sweat of the brow” currency with liquid assets.

Our Firm Works with Clients:

  • To educate clients on the services provided by fee-based investment managers.
  • To develop individual investment plans for clients, spouses, and families.
  • To create retirement plans: tax qualified or personal, as the vehicles for investment manager services.
  • To discuss investment performance during asset accumulation years.
  • To maximize Social Security benefits.
  • To continue oversight services with clients during retirement or semi-retirement years.
  • To develop tax-wise business transfer plans and estate transfer plans in conjunction with our client’s own attorney.
  • When a spouse becomes a widow or widower, we quarterback the financial and legal planning that we previously developed with our client for spouse and family.
  • Ultimately, when our clients’ assets evolve to estate assets of husband and wife, we ensure the proper functioning of previously established trust planning in accordance with the wishes of our deceased clients.

Our financial and tax wise advice for attorneys has led to prosperity for their families. We have been providing service to our clients for over 30 years with $200 million of clients assets under management.

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Contact us if you have questions about pre-retirement investment advising services. We proudly serve clients in Ridgewood, Bergen County, and throughout the greater Northern NJ area.